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Colombia Program

EWB-NE opened a program in Malagana, Colombia in 2016.  Malagana is located in the township of Mahates about xxx miles west of Cartagena, Colombia.  Malagana has the highest population density in Mahates.  A population of around 8,000 people (~400 families) are served by a distribution system with 1,435 taps.  The program is expected to impact 30,000 more people than the immediate town. The existing water system includes a 125 cubic meter water tank, two wells, chlorination, and the distribution system.  Water service runs for 8 hours a day and water is stored in buckets for hours outside of service. 


The water system is run by the Association of Public Utilities Water and Sanitation (ASPUMA) which has a water board comprised mainly of volunteers who meet at least once a month.


The community has concerns about the quality of its water, possible cross contamination from sewage during wet periods, stormwater, improving profits during the mango harvest, and the inconsistent electrical grid serving the community. 


EWB-NE completed two assessment trips to Malagana in August 2016 and December of 2017. The first trip was to meet representatives of the community, become familiar with the town, take water quality samples, and help the community determine project priorities. In 2019, we expect to share our sewer and wastewater treatment design with the community and government officials. 

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