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Uganda Projects

Our chapter’s first program was in St. Kizito, Makenke, Uganda from 2010-2015.  Through this project, we helped the community’s hospital and school to increase their potable water through a rainwater harvesting system. We impacted approximately 600 people directly, and more than 1,000 indirectly.

The EWB-NE team installs RHS on one of the classroom buildings.

St. Kizito Primary School Rainfall Harvesting System

During the June 2013 Implementation Trip eight members of the Professional and Student Chapters traveled to Uganda to install a rainfall harvesting system (RHS) on St. Kizio Primary School in Makenke. The travel team spent two weeks in Uganda gathering supplies for and installing the RHS as well as suveying three project sites.  The EWB Document 526 Post-Implementation Report can be found on the link below.  Additional pictures are located on the photos page.


EWB Document 526 Post-Implementation Report


Rainfall harvesting system on St. Johns Clinic installed by EWB-NE in 2011.

St. Johns Clinic Rain Harvesting System

The rainfall harvesting system (RHS) at St. Johns Clinic in Gayaza was designed and installed by the EWB-NE Professional Chapter in 2011.  The capacity of this system is 40,000 liters (10,600 gallons) and includes 4 water storage tanks and two first-flush systems.  The first-flush system captures the initial runoff from the roof in several vertical pipes.  Capturing the first-flush off the roof improves the quality of the water stored in storage tanks and decreases maintenance. 


The EWB team learned on the June 2013 Implementation trip that the RHS on St. Johns Clinic provides enough water for the clinic, the Pere Cadet Girls School, the rectory, and a parimary school across from the clinic.  However, the tanks often overflow during the rainy seasons, illustrating that the system storage could be increased.

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